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The Fleet Boat Club is Rochester's low cost no hassle alternative to boat ownership. Once you become a member, all you pay for is gas! Our memberships plans are based on the number of future reservations you can have in the system at one time. Once you use or cancel a reservation, you can make another to replace it (that's the "rolling" part). There is no limit on the number of times you can use the boats in a season.

Reservations are made online with our proprietary scheduling system. Reserve a boat with only 2 clicks! A simple set of scheduling rules guarantees equal access for all members.

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We're still admitting members for 2023!

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Membership Plans

Regular Membership

Reserve and use the club’s boats any day of the week. Just like having your own boat without all the work and expense. We cover all dockage, maintenance, storage, and insurance. All you pay for is the fuel you use.

Regular Plans Cost per year
2 Rolling Reservations $3,300
3 Rolling Reservations $3,625
4 Rolling Reservations $3,950
5 Rolling Reservations $4,275
6 Rolling Reservations $4,600

Weekday Only Membership

Reservations limited to weekdays, excluding holidays and Friday after 5:00 PM. Weekend reservations allowed after 7:00 AM for available time on that day.

Weekday Only Plans Cost per year
3 Rolling Weekday Reservations $2,750
All memberships are subject to a $795 initiation fee. A $500 security deposit is also required.

See our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions or submit the form below.

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